Tuesday, August 28, 2007

cerita selasa

hurm where should i start..?? dunno la..but i guess better start with the bad traffic today..like hell man..tapi nak buat macam mana..it's my fault..saya yang gatal2 nak ikut federal kan..so serve me right huh..sigh.
hari ini sangat membosankan, after stuck in traffic jammed for almost 1 hour, i need to rush to IPD Kuala Langat for a damn ^%*^ stupid press conference..what the $%#* ! rampasan dadah worth less than RM2k pun nak buat PC ker...memang gila glamer... (oppss..sorry) but its true..next time please check ur bahan kes before call for a press conference ya...!
hurmm..i'm kinda tired today..dunno y but mayb becoz of my pregnancy...rasa sakit sangat kat pinggang n bawah perut..may b sebab drive jauh ke Kuala Langat...errr actually from kajang - shah alam - kuala langat - shah alam or in total 180km plus 1 hour stuck in traffic jammed (asyik main clutch jer) nak pakai kete auto.....plissssss
may b i should pinjam myvi abah during my pregnancy...hehehe..nanti pujuk abah lah..hopefully he agree...lalalalala...penat wooo drive manual.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

mommy n daddy to be...

well...quite surprise actually..after twice false alarm, finally i'm pregnant...
kelakar sangat...ye lah...Pregnancy is an exciting time for most couples. There is a lot to learn about and discover throughout the nine months it takes to nourish a growing baby! every married couple memang aiming for baby... but afterall semua ketentuan Allah kan...kita tak boleh too excited coz it will only make us stress.. phewww... And right now i don't know how to describe my feelings....it's amazing...and after this..
i will experienced all the goods and hards of being a mother as what my late mama always told me before...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A love survey...

01] Do you still have feelings foryour ex?> Do i have to?? come on la..life must goes on
[02] Have you ever been given roses?> yup..during my graduation day...
[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?> Never been kissed..so touching loh
[04] How many times have you honestly been in love?> 1,2,3..10..15. errr..am i a playgirl?
[05] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?> definitely YES
[06] Have you ever had your heartbroken?> Yes and yes n Yes...
[07] What is your view on long distanceor online relationships?> cannot b trusted..
[08] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?> errr.... tak ingat la
[09] Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always acheater'"?> YES
[10] Does age matter?> Nope..the most important is honesty
[11] Do you believe you truly only love once?> err...nope
[12] Imagine you're 69 & your spouse just died, would you re-marry?> may b nope
[13] At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex?> when i was 12
[14] What song do you want to hear at your wedding?> Cahaya Cinta by CT Nurhaliza...
[15] Do you like anyone?> Yes...i like n love my hubby very2 much...

lepas geram

Okay .. ari ni gi keje cam biasa..
bangun pagi, hantar adik gi stesen bas, we had breakfast 2gether..
a cup of milo with roti canai..
Masuk opis, b4 10 (yess b4 10 ok)..
xde orang..
dari pagi td rasa very unmotivated.
banyak benda seems to happened last few days..
semangat rasa hilang..
mood terbang melayang.

Pelik sgt...
Nape ada org dalam dunia ni..
yg suka cakap ikut sedap mulut..
tak pikir hati orang..
suka-suka hati dia ja..
pastu bleh buat tak taw..
seems like tak bersalah langsung..
kalau tgh tensen atau confused..
duk diam2..
jgn duk kacau org..
At least,
Tak susahkan org lain
or tak carik pasai
Tapi kadang2 ada org
macam xleh pikiaq kot.

Kadang2 rasa macam nak campak je dia dalam laut..
biaq duk dalam tu diam2..
tak kacau org lain..
tak nyusahkan hidup org lain..
tapi masalahnya tak boleh..
Nape tak boleh??


(benci la bila jadi macam nih)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Y u always like that? u're always the one who makes things bcome more complecated..macam duri dalam daging..love to c other people gaduh bcoz of small things.u memang menyusahkan..buat hidup orang jadi tunggang langgang..i used to close my eyes 4 every bad things u did..but now..i really think that u're too much..n i just wanna say this... I HATE YOU..seriously.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


~Lihat kampusku yang tenang...damainya alam ciptaan Tuhan..Paduan ilmu dan keimanan...lalalalaalalalala......~
hurm..last 6 years, abah masuk Dectar for the first time during my konvokesyen, n yesterday, we went in for the 2nd time..but this time, me as a guest..my sis finally completed her degree in IT..once get in, terus dah rasa sebak..teringat sangat2 nostalgi masa umur 21 dulu, beratur dgn kawan-kawan, waiting for our turn...sangat best..masa perarakan graduan, air mata saya dah mengalir, rasa nak kembali ke masa tu semula...fuhhh..
Insya allah, aiming for my Master degree.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I miss you

Today..i feel blue...grey n blurrr...errr...i'm kinda missing someone...who? yeaahhh..a friend of mine..who always listen to anything, whether I'm down or i'm fliying up high..she's my best buddy since i was in form 4..my soulmates (i guess) who knew everythings good n bad about me..who kept my secrets (what secrets??? ..hey it's a secret rite)...(",)...Ntahlah..after married, seems like there's something wrong with our friendship...she always refuse to answer my col or even reply my sms...errr...what's wrong with you...i really miss you n all the good old days that we spent together..


phewwww...sampai bila kita macam ni????

dah masuk syaaban dah...cepatnya

ohh my..times flew so fast..and now we're already at the month of Syaaban...and then Ramadhan menjelma..dah habis ke ganti puasa tahun lepas...??? last year, 13 hari saya tinggal puasa...banyak tuuu...and alhamdulillah, dah habis ganti dengan bantuan hubby tersayang..(thanx dear acoompany me puasa..luv u)..mmmuaahhh...

This year, 2nd year fasting without my late mama..i really miss her. n what i missed most was, her bubur lambuk (or kat kedah we called it kanji) n kerabu taugeh..Its superb man..itu memang menu wajib kitorang sepanjang puasa..phewww...cepat sungguh masa berlalu..n saya perlu teruskan hidup...

Abah dun worry...even tho anak abah dah kawin..i will always take care of you...

(tak dapat bayangkan raya pertama sebagai isteri)

Friday, August 3, 2007

It's been a while

It has been almost a year after my last blogging..(i mean seriously blogging)..gosh..memang lama gila...last time, saya slalu pilih untuk luahkan segala rasa dalam blog...then once i started knewing someone (which is now bcome my husband) terus rasa macam dah tak nak blogging..Tapi, after what had happened yesterday...n saya stress giler sampai menangis2 depan PC kat umah.

Saya ingat lepas kahwin, lepas adanya dia dalam hidup saya, saya tidak akan stress lagi..hidup saya akan tenang n i can live happily without thinking of other people..but i'm wrong..as long as i'm still in this field...saya akan sentiasa di uji..manusia tidak pernah habis dengan hasad dan dengki..sometimes terlintas juga untuk membunuh (kalau lah membunuh itu bukan satu kesalahan)...

Anyway, let bygone be bygone...today is better. I can smile n laugh (tho cuma pretending sahaja)...Inilah dugaan, hidup kita masih panjang (mungkin..but who knows esok lusa ajal menjemput)...selagi saya bernafas di bumi Allah ini, selagi nyawa masih didalam jasad saya..saya perlu teruskan hidup ini..Go to hell with other people rite...just do whatever you think is right...
Moga esok akan lebih cersinar..dan langit akan dihiasi bias warna pelangi yang ceria...Adios...


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