Monday, February 7, 2011

Bulan Ini Bulan Cinta......

Countdown For Our 4th Anniversary....

Thought I could define it,
One look in your eyes when it proved me wrong,
I find myself speechless,
This feeling of completeness is so strong,
And I was convinced that my heart had reached it's limit,
Untill you created this new place in it,

Your touch wraps around me,
In love that knows no boundaries,
Now, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you,
You're the answer I've been needing,
Life has a whole new meaning, now,
All because of you,

Everything is different,
There's no frame of a reference for the way I feel,
But to look at your face,
I am still amazed, I can't believe you're real,
I can lie here forever just watching you sleep,
Hanging on every breath that you breathe,

17 Februari 2007 - 17 Februari 2011.....
10 hari lagi....yeayyyyyyyyyyy...

**Hari ni 7 februari 2011...genap usia alesha 34 bulan....dua bulan menjelang usia 3 TAHUN..
happy 34th month sayang....mwahhhhhhhhhssss**

7 memo menunggu dibaca:

mummy_ayu said...

wah..lomatik tu...apa plan tuk sambut wedding annivesary nanti?

mama_iris said...

ececcece.....lomantik gitu....happy anniversary kak....semoga bahagia selama2nya...

Diana said...

happy anniversary beb! next year tambah umat yer?hehehe

Diamilikku said...

ayu : belum plan lagi...hehehehhe..tunggu setlle exam dulu..

mama iris : hurmmm...tq dear...:)

DD : thanx beb..harus next year aku bagi aisy adik...tahun ni pun duk gigil dah terpaksa hold dulu..hahahahahha

lily azliyana @ mama zara said...

bestnye nk tunggu anniversary..hehehe..mesti dlm hati dh ade macam2 plan kan..=)

@e_da said...

lesha sambut besday bulanan sama ngan mika.. heheheh

kak su.. strat counting n start pikir hadiah apa nak mintak.. hehehe

EZAN IDMA said...

Jom join contest ni :)


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